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The Slayers Yuri Community
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Slayers has been around for years. One of the oldest and most popular anime series ever, it has spawned several animated works, radio shows, soundtracks, merchandise, video games, manga, novels, and of course, fandoms.

In many of the Slayers fandoms, there are several communities.

Individual places such as _zelgadis_, dedicated to the awesome chimera swordsman/mage.

Heterosexual pairing places such as ameliazellove, linagourrylove, xellosfilia, valfilia.

And of course, other everyday communities such as absoluteslayers and theslayers.

No doubt there are yaoi places for all those Zelgadis/Xellos or Zelgadis/Gourry fans out there.

So why hasn't there been a place for the Slayers girl x girl fanatics?

Pretty self-explanatory, this community is to celebrate all the popular female x female relationships/pairings/best friends/rivals for fellow Slayers yuri fans.

But before joining, we do have special rules, so pay attention!


1. We would prefer no introductory posts to avoid spam. We know why you're here.

2. While we don't have an age requirement, we do expect all members to be open-minded and mature, as this is a homosexuality community. Don't like lesbians? Don't like yuri? Don't join.

3. Stick to yuri or shoujo ai ONLY. Please, no yaoi or heterosexual pairings. As previously mentioned, there are other places for these.

4. Put EVERYTHING behind an LJ-cut. Fanfiction, fanart, icons, banners, color bars, spoilers, etc. There are help files in case you don't know how to use an LJ-cut. No stealing each other's works. Please CREDIT! And I mentioned spoilers because NOT everyone has seen or read all of the anime or manga/novels. That includes us. D:

5. Requests are welcome.

6. No hentai. It's squicky and we don't like it. We also don't want to scare off our members.

7. Incest is fine. Some of us do have a darker interest in Lina/Luna or Amelia/Naga. D:

8. No flaming or bashing each other. PLAY NICELY AND RESPECT ONE ANOTHER. If you are just a troll lurking around begging for attention or causing trouble, or if you are caught harassing other members, you will be given two warnings. Third time and you are automatically banned.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and while discussion is nice, please, absolutely NO arguing over which is the best couple, etc.

No stupid and immature posts like, "Lina x Naga is the best, Lina x Amelia sux, Amelia x Martina makes no sense, it's dumb, Sylphiel and Martina should just die!" These will be deleted.


9. Promoting other communities is fine as long as it's related to yuri or shoujo ai.

10. Any questions or if you're unsure about something. just ask us lovely moderators, either amelia_seyroon or phizzy_chan. If you can help make colorbars to make the place more pretty and welcoming, it would be highly appreciated. We want the community to grow and stay alive!

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